transition town: DE PIJP

Transition Town de Pijp

TT-Tea* + moviemeet Sunday 25/1/2009, 14:00–20:00 19 January , 2009

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What: get acquainted with the idea of Transition Towns and with people who are trying to make this concept a working reality in Amsterdam.

Where:  Rustenburgerstraat 438/440. SWOMP is a squatted piece of land where we experiment with ways of sustainable living.

Who: anyone who wants to know more. Free! Dont be shy: bring grand ideas or homemade biscuits! Hands-on gardening if weather allows!

News & links:  


16.00 Movie and discussion at Molli,
van Ostadestraat 55 hs

We’re going to show the documentary
‘The future of food’ about the genetical
modification of our food, and a short
movie about a US family who diceded to
start growing there own food in a
reaction to this.


*)Transition Town tea in the Pijp
introducing Movie Mingle Meet
A transition town starts off when a small
group of motivated individuals within a
community comes together with a shared
concern: how can our community respond to
the challenges and opportunities of peak
oil and climate change?


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