transition town: DE PIJP

Transition Town de Pijp

Books & Movies 13 October , 2008

by Russell, James

The rocky road to real transition, the transition towns movement and what it means for social change
by trapese more info here

the basics of permaculture design – Ross mars ISBN – 1-85623-023-6
Ross mars was the personal assistant and student of Bill Mollison they are considered to be the founders of the term permaculture. Permaculture is a way of designing human settlements in a smart and sustainable way.

HEAT – George Monbiot ISBN – 978-0-141-02662-6 (ook nederlands vertaal; HITTE)
Heat is an attempt of george monbiot to calculate which changes are nessacery and achievabe to take down co2 emmissions to a level that our lifeform can be sustainable.

Nowtopia – Chris Carllson ISBN -978-1-904859-77-2
An inspirational bundle of ideas based on collectives building their utopias

Guerrilla Gardening, a manualfisto – 978-0-86571-583-7
About the secret gardener, community action, rebellion, greening the city, environmental action, and more….

Six degrees – Mark Lynas ISBN -970-90-6224-476-8 (vertaalde versie: zes graden)
Dont be afraid to read this book, summarizing the supposed result of every degree of global warming. six degrees of global warming are predicted right now, if we get above or more degrees of global warming our life will probably get really hard on this planet.

The last generation – Fred pearce ISBN 978-90-6224-474-4
The planet can go on without people, we cannot go on without the planet.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep on posting such exciting stuff.

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